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image Serbia Timeline
by. admin - 02 Dec 2011.
1990 - 2010 Overview of the last 20 years in Serbia. visualization : Vladan Joler data mining : Jovan Ubiparip, Aleksandar Piksiades, Jelena Krajišić ...
ABOUT OPENDATA.RS is an independent research project which collects, analyzes and visualizes data about Serbia during the last 20 years. By breaking down and imaging data we want to find patterns, trends, and correlations between the media, individuals and events. We would like to determine in which way has the media during the last 20 years shaped our reality, which emotions and values have been promoted, how centralized were the topics in the media in respect to locations in Serbia or the state in question. The work process of collecting data is itself, among other things, a study of the state and media transparency in terms of open access to data and statistics. The project also aims to make all collected information publicly available in a form suitable for further research and analysis.